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My colleague recommended deviantART to me and I really liked a lot of the art posted on there. The site offers a ton of categories and hierarchies, as broad as photography or digital art to as narrow as cosplay or emotive photography. This week, I’m going to highlight some of the works on there that I liked best – it should be noted that I prefer photography over most other art forms. Normally, I would comment on the pictures, but I wanted to make sure that the artists got their due credit.

"Selfportrait as a pillow" by Violator3

"Cthulhu's Day Out" by ursulav

"disco lights" by justmeandmyfashion

"Lollypop" by FlabnBone

"sakura's 2011 night of dreams" by jyoujo

"sakura 6" by nabi4

"Black Orchids" by ursulav

"shadowhunt" by MarianneHviid

What do you think? Any other pieces that you really like on deviantART?


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