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Boyfriend and I will be out biking around when suddenly I’ll slam on my brakes and shout, “DUCKIES!!!” Boyfriend just sighs and stops because he’s used to this. Or I’ll be driving along and see baby duckies in a nearby pond and shout, “DUCKIES!!! Hello duckies!!!!” Point of the story? I like ducks. I shout when I see baby duckies. So in a fit of adorable ducky fever, I found some duckling photos. DUCKIES!!!

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

You can do it!

Ducky love.

It's hard work being this cute.

Duckies in their home environment.

And onto adorable images of duckies and friends.

Duckies! Kitty!

This is SO sweet! A dog is raising a family of duckies!


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