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Oh, Italian food, how I adore you. My intense love for carbohydrates is probably why I weigh what I do. This week, I had a helper in the kitchen – my boyfriend is in town on spring break! He and I love cooking together, so you might see an expanse of food this week. On Tuesday, we made Pasta Rustica with Chicken (Pork) Sausage and Three (Two) Cheeses, a recipe offered by Williams-Sonoma.

I’ll be honest – it was basically like the lasagna I make, except that it calls for penne pasta instead of lasagna and it mixes everything together instead of creating layers (for that reason, it was probably healthier as I wasn’t piling loads of cheese on each layer). Of course, I loved it.

Yes, I had substitutions (it’s my charm). We used a low-fat pork sausage instead of chicken or turkey sausage, which would have required buying links and de-casing them. We also didn’t have enough onion and chose to use only one clove of fresh garlic instead of two cloves. I don’t like ricotta, as mentioned in my Spinach Lasagna Béchamel recipe post, so I used cottage cheese. I don’t care much for parmesan, so I sprinkled more mozzarella and a pinch of cheddar cheese on top. Lastly, I ran out of penne pasta (bad planner), so we cut up two lonely lasagna noodles to add to the dish. Everything else came together very smoothly – the spices mixed well in the sauce, my boyfriend was a whiz at garlic mincing, and the pasta baked perfectly. Overall score: A-

For dessert, my boyfriend and I tested out Japanese Kit Kats that his sister brought home.

We believe the flavors are original, green tea, cherry blossom, sweet potato, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry cake, strawberry banana smoothie, mint vanilla(?), wasabi, and cheese. We specifically requested sweet potato (me) and green tea (him/me), so we tried those last night. Very tasty, especially the green tea one! I want to collect all of them, which my boyfriend says is impossible. We shall see…

What’s your favorite Italian dish? Have you tried Japanese Kit Kats?


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