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Sally from Already Pretty linked out to this recently and I really liked the positive self-image prompts posed here. I decided to not only complete the prompts, but to share them so that you could all benefit from answering these prompts as well! Check out Margarita Tartakovshy’s original blog post for others.

  • I am beautiful because…every woman is beautiful in her own way. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but if you believe you’re beautiful, it can’t help but show through you and make you beautiful to others.
  • I am strong because…strength is not reflected only in the physical form, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • My favorite physical activity is…swimming! I absolutely love the water, and while I rarely actually get around to swimming, I love doing it when I can. A fair warning, though – do not attempt to learn to swim on a swim team.
  • I nourish my body because…I can. It took me a while to know how to answer this question, mainly because I think of nourish in a healthy way, and I honestly am not good at that. But I am good at splurging on unhealthy food. I’m very good at that. And I often do it because I feel like it’s unfair that I should have to basically be anorexic in order to be the size of one of my friends, who is not a stick. I would never be a stick. It’s just not my body.
  • My loved ones make me feel great about my body when…they compliment me. 🙂 I think compliments are underrated. It’s obvious when they’re insincere, but when they’re not, they’re a great confidence booster! I also really like when my boy touches me (stop thinking dirty) anywhere, like stroking my face. He’s always really gentle and it makes me feel loved.
  • My loved ones make me feel bad about my body when…they make fun of my eating habits. I know I eat poorly. I really do. But I guilt myself enough, so guilting me even more doesn’t help and isn’t going to make me change my dietary ways.
  • I feel best about myself when…I believe in myself. Wow, did that sound cheesy. But it’s true. When I have confidence in myself, I feel amazing.
  • I feel bad about myself when…I compare my body or my life or my issues to someone else and come up lacking. It’s a bad habit that I really need to break, but I’m sure everyone can attest to how difficult that is. I heard some great advice today that if something makes you feel badly – no matter what – eliminate it. Her example was “if looking at a coworker’s vacation photos makes you feel bad, close the web page. It’s not worth it.” Truth.
  • A truly positive body image means…not only accepting your flaws, but embracing them as well. I’m getting there on acceptance, embracing is next.
  • I love being me because…I survive. No matter what happens or how much I struggle, I still survive.
  • I wish that I could give myself permission to…not feel guilty!
  • I always feel comfortable in my own skin when…I’m wearing a fun, flirty dress. I’m not sure what it is about dresses. The right sundress can make me feel great about myself. The somewhat ironic thing is that I don’t like my arms and sundresses are often sleeveless. That just pushes the acceptance part just a little further.
  • The lesson I’ve learned about my body image this year is…I can be beautiful no matter what size I am. I still struggle with this, but I recently read an article that has helped me open up to this concept. Body image acceptance, here I come!
  • If I could change one thing about my life it would be…that I wouldn’t have to focus on seeking happiness – that it would just be available. Or would be easier to find, at the very least.
  • My favorite part about spring is…Tulips! Or sprummer! Or nice weather after months and months of crappy weather. No, wait! BABY DUCKIES!!!

I like ducks.


The lovely Kate passed along a great image to me and I felt the need to share it.

See the original post here.

Photo: FitzgeraldXenosJackson

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s all the years that I spent single on February 14th – I hate that there’s not a celebration of being comfortable with being on your own. We have this negative idea about what it means to be single and it’s completely false. I haven’t actually had that many partners in my dating lifetime, although I’ve dated a lot – I refused to settle for someone when I didn’t feel like it would go anywhere or I felt like they didn’t truly get me. I learned more about myself during those periods of being on my own than I probably could have if I had settled. Just as importantly, I learned what I truly wanted in a partner and what wouldn’t work.

When in a relationship, however, I still don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. I don’t think there should be just one or two days a year when you have to “be romantic” and you get a pass for the rest of the year – I want romance and passion year round. I also don’t think that spending a ton of money on things that don’t matter (i.e., valentines, candy, flowers) isn’t nearly as special as a gift with thought behind it. I want moments/hours/days/etc. that are meaningful to me, not a “romantic” day that’s forced on me.

Luckily, both my boyfriend and I don’t put stock into Valentine’s Day. We did want to do something for each other, though, so we’re having a hey-we-haven’t-seen-each-other-for-four-weeks-and-i-love-you celebration instead. 🙂

Photo: Danasatriya

What are you doing to celebrate your singleness or your relationship?

Ooh, I’m spilling my secrets this week! Shhh…don’t tell anyone.

1. I wonder if a partner who didn’t know my grandmother could truly understand me – I’m really speaking more about love here, folks, so don’t get worried if you’re a friend who never got to meet my grandmother. I’m also not saying that I intend to have to deal with this – I’m quite happy in my current relationship. But I do wonder, if ever stuck out there in the single dating land again, could I settle down with someone who didn’t know my grandmother? She was everything to me. She was my best friend. She died in 2009 and it still affects me every day. I really wonder if someone could truly get me if they didn’t know her because I am so intricately tied to her. Who knows? And yes, my boyfriend knew my grandmother. 🙂

2. I imagine bad scenarios in my head (i.e., getting kidnapped, having a stalker) – Don’t ask me why. I have no idea why I do this, but I daydream about these kinds of things sometimes. I have standard daydreams too, of course, but occasionally I get really wrapped up in a “scary” daydream. Perhaps it’s because I usually have a savior? Occasionally I save myself, so maybe it’s the be-your-own-hero effect? I always get out of the situation, regardless.

3. I feel bad about my body, then eat poorly – Just last Sunday, I felt bad about my weight, then had pizza rolls and brownies for dinner. As I mentioned in an earlier post about food, I struggle with portion control and dieting. I’m actually having a dietary consultation on Friday, so hopefully that will help. I struggle with wanting to look better and feel better and wanting to eat whatever I want like other people.

4. I think alcohol is worse than marijuana – Here’s another secret – I’ve tried both. As I mentioned in an earlier post about my sensitive stomach, I think I’m becoming allergic to alcohol, so it would make sense that I prefer marijuana as alcohol reacts badly with me. Overall, though, I still prefer marijuana. It seems like alcohol turns people into complete fools. Marijuana just makes you chill.

5. I used to feel like rapists deserve to be raped, but I don’t anymore – I used to completely feel this way. Rape is such a horrifying thing and something I feel very strongly about. Once I watched Descent, however, my opinion on eye-for-an-eye rape revenge changed. Descent is a beautiful and graphic movie that clearly depicts the story of a rape victim and how she gets revenge by having a new friend rape the rapist. In the final scene, her friend asks her if she feels better, and she says no. Rosario Dawson plays the lead and does an amazing job, per usual. The movie really made me think – violence shouldn’t breed more violence because then nothing changes. Vengeance may be justified, sure, but that’s not the way to healing.

What are your deep, dark secrets? I promise I won’t tell. 🙂

I have to admit, I’m really tired today. I’ve been at work or at school for speech practices all week and haven’t gotten enough sleep. On days like this, when I don’t have much to do at work and I’m fighting to stay awake, I like to perk myself up by thinking about things that I love at that moment. I know it’s cheesy, but you’d be surprised at how well it works! Possibly due to the fact that it causes (and allows for) persistent daydreaming.

1) Otters. Like you didn’t know this about me already.


2) Getting adjusted at the chiropractor’s office.

My out-of-place neck is often the cause of headaches for me, so getting it readjusted and applying ice packs feels heaven-sent.

3) Lakeville North High School Speech kids.

I’m sure the kids from other teams are wonderful, too, but the kids at LNHS are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, and genuinely friendly people out there. I love working with them!! Here’s an example of a 2009 Nationals duo piece performed by Lakeville North speech kids. Tell me you’re not amazed at the performance of these two!

4) Three-day weekends.

You can bet your buttered biscuit butt that I’m sleeping in! This weekend will be my first real three-day weekend in probably over a year, excepting vacations/trips to Winona. Needless to say, I’m excited.

5) Vanilla lattés.

Surprisingly, vanilla lattés are not my favorite drink. They’re not even my favorite coffee drink, but for some reason, I’ve been craving one for about a week. I think I’ll splurge tomorrow when I have to get up early for a speech training.

What five things do you love today?

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