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I have had an awful week. I’ve been incredibly sick, but couldn’t give myself a break in order to truly rest up. On top of that, my insomnia has come back at full strength, so I struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. I think part of it is my pathetic excuse for a bed – I’m planning to get a new bed, but not for a few months. Part of it is also the cat – she wakes me up every night – but I’m hoping my roommate will find a way to keep her in his room as he’s planning to adopt her. Anyway, bad week means the pictures for today have to be something that makes me feel awesome – the ocean! Seeing a bunch of thin, gorgeous women didn’t do much for my self-confidence while searching for pictures, but you know what? I don’t care. The ocean is amazing and that’s that.

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Ever have those weird smells that you love? The ones where other people look at you like you’re crazy when you mention that you like them? Today, I’m going to list some of my favorites. Some of these smells probably aren’t even weird to you – you may even enjoy them, too! Regardless, I love these smells:

1. Fresh cut grass – This is probably the most common “weird” smell that people like. In fact, who doesn’t like the smell of fresh cut grass? It’s like an automatic reminder of gorgeous weather (usually). Even the grass flavor of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Harry Potter jelly beans tastes good! As well it should, since grass smells so damn good. Environmentally related, I also love the smell before/during/after it rains. I love rain.

I also love how vibrant grass looks.

2. Gasoline – I’m surprised by how many people also like the smell of gasoline. Now I’m not saying that I get out of my car at gas stations and take a deep breath of fumes – I just don’t avoid the smell. I don’t know why I like the smell of gasoline. There are a few similar smells that I don’t hate, such as sulfur. I don’t love them, but I certainly don’t hate them, either. Anyone in this boat with me?

Not a fan of gas prices, though.

3. New books – To be fair, I think this has more to do with enjoying new books than it does for the specific smell of new books, but regardless, I like that smell. The smell of new books immediately makes me think of opening a brand new book – with all of the anticipation that a new book brings – and settling down for a good read. Strangely, I don’t care much for the smell of old books. I’m not sure why – it just doesn’t bring the same tingle of anticipation as new books do.

How I love thee, books.

4. The ocean – More specifically, salt water air. I think this stems more from my deep love of the ocean (and northern California) than it does for my love of salt water. Whenever I visit, when I step out of the airport – and get away from the car fumes – I immediately take in a deep breath of salty ocean air. Even in South San Francisco (inland from the ocean, but bordering the San Francisco Bay), the ocean air is distinct. It immediately reminds me of where I am – and it’s the perfect start to my time in California.

*sniff*sniff* Ahhh...

5. Pools – Speaking of water, the smell of the pool with its chlorinated water has to be on my list. I’m not sure why. When I think of the pool, I think of kids, tanners, and general disarray. But despite all that, I love the pool. I love swimming, even if I’m not that good at it and feel awkward in a bathing suit. I also prefer feeling clean, and despite the peeing in the pool issue, I feel like pools are cleaner than lakes or rivers. I just love water in general. Let’s chalk it up to that.

I want this pool. Seriously.

What weird smells do you like?

I don’t really believe in astrology, not in the cheesy stereotypical sense anyway. I do think that certain people could have similar characteristics simply because the planets would be in similar alignments at that time – however, that’s pretty subjective. Where I do find some validity is in the idea of the elements. I’m a water sign. I’ve ALWAYS been a water baby. I love the water. I like to just sit by the ocean and watch the waves come in. That sound is so relaxing to me.

Yeah, that’s me.

Ooh, that’s pretty. Let’s have another!


Oh, yeah. Anyway, I’m drawn to water. But it goes beyond that. I do actually encompass many of the water element traits. Water signs are emotional (ha – you think?), empathic (more than you know), don’t do well with confinement, caring, artistic, overly fantasize, sensitive. That’s me in a wordy nutshell! Water is movable. A quote from Memoirs of a Geisha sums it up well: “Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path.”

Interestingly, my boyfriend has similar feelings about astrology and the elements. He’s an earth sign, so he’s down-to-earth, grounded, skeptical, realistic, and introverted. What makes it really interesting (my thoughts, not his) is that he falls on the edge of an astrological sign (earth and air) and he’s bipolar, so he doesn’t always follow the earthly characteristics. For example, he’s not self-assured when he’s depressed (who is?). Overall, though, he stays pretty true to earth.

Perhaps our mixture is why we feel content with moving to California – I get my ocean and he has the mountains nearby. Truthfully, we’re not drawn to those elements in life – he doesn’t feel very safe with large amounts of water and, although they’re beautiful, I’m not moved by mountains like I am by water. In our element signs, however, we balance each other out – he helps me stay grounded when my emotions overrun me and my empathy allows me to know when he needs me. So maybe there is something to this astrological element thing after all.

Let’s have one last picture.



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