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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a product review of Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. As promised, here is another review of one of my favorite products.

Again, as a disclaimer, no companies have asked me to review their products.

Victoria’s Secret has been around for years. The name is known in virtually every household as the dirty little secret lingerie and bra shop. They also, however, have a fabulous makeup line. Although I only use a couple of their makeup products, such as VS lip gloss in Tempt (shade no longer offered but similar to Intimate) and VS eyeshadow in Procrastination (shade no longer offered but similar to Luxe), I am a hardcore fan of their VS Makeup High-definition Mascara.

PS - VS actually stands for their Very Sexy brand, not Victoria's Secret.

Of all of my makeup products, my VS mascara is the one product that I will not go without. I love drawing attention to my eyes since I feel that they’re a strong feature of mine, and this mascara does that perfectly without looking tacky. Since my lashes can be fine and lighter in color, adding a black mascara really makes my eyes pop. It’s also the only mascara that I’ve found that looks dramatic without being too much – and believe me, since mascara is my number one makeup product, I’ve tried a few. On the other hand, most mascaras on the cheaper end often are much too light for my taste and end up getting severely clumpy within a couple of months. Even high-end mascara, such as Stila, just don’t stand up to VS mascara for me.

Okay, so she's wearing false eye lashes - but still, the stuff works.

Onto the negatives. Many mascara aficianados such as myself know that mascara typically only lasts about three months before it gets too clumpy to work properly. Yes, really. Don’t tell me that you can make your mascara last a year – you get massive clumps in your eyelashes and you know it. Mascara was designed to be as finicky as a colicky infant. Sadly, VS mascara is no different – in three months or so, I get clumps that will not go away and it has to be replaced. It does, however, make me feel slightly better about the recently reduced amount of mascara I get in a tube – to be fair, I wouldn’t have really used up the larger tube anyway. Additionally, VS currently only offers their VS Makeup mascaras in Blackest Black. That isn’t a big deal for me because I only wear black mascara, but that perhaps wouldn’t work so well for someone needing mascara with a brown tint. They do have varying mascara colors in their Beauty Rush line, usually found near the registers.

Also, I should note that VS did recently expand their VS Makeup mascara line to include other types of mascara, including Triple Drama, Extra-Lengthening, and Voluptuous in both regular and waterproof. You could certainly try those out as well, but my recommendation stays for the High-definition Mascara, hands down.

Are you a diehard fan for any particular mascara? Have you had any negative experiences with mascara?


Many people who responded to my poll asking what you want to read responded that they want to see product reviews on here, so voila! Your wish is my command. Plus I’ve been wanting to review this product for a while, but let’s pretend this is all you to make you feel good, shall we?

Allow me to make this disclaimer before I start: No companies have asked me to review any products. Would I like them to? Abso-freaking-lutely, that would be awesome! But alas, Burt’s Bees is not knocking down my door. Maybe they will after they see my review.

For my first ever product review, I wanted to review one of my must-haves: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Burt’s Bees has been around for 27 years, starting with candles – an obvious product if you have a bunch of beeswax on your hands. They started making their beeswax lip balm 20 years ago. I’ve only been using Burt’s Bees for about 3-4 years but I will likely be a lifelong consumer.

Best product ever.

I love, love, love Burt’s Bees chapstick. I use it at least once a day, more often if my lips are feeling dry. I’ve used other chapsticks in the past, largely petroleum-based products such as Blistex or Carmex, but once I made the switch to Burt’s Bees, I noticed an immediate difference. See, petroleum-based products usually have petrolatum in them, which has a nasty habit of drying out lips. Yes, there really is a drying agent in chapstick, whose sole purpose is to moisturize. Burt’s Bees products, however, are made from beeswax instead of petrolatum. Beeswax has this not-nasty habit of sealing in hydration. Yes, that means it actually moisturizes your lips instead of drying them out. Win! Now I use my lip balm every day, but only because I like the way it makes my lips feel.


The ever-so-slight downside? This lip balm is more expensive than standard chapsticks. It usually runs about $3.00 while a tube of standard chapstick can be found for about $0.99. What?? You’re telling me that I have to pay an extravagant $2.01 more for this a few times a year just to have much healthier, smoother lips?! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. An extra $6.03 per year is worth it, believe me. My lips have never felt better since I switched to Burt’s Bees.

Haven’t convinced you yet? Did I mention they’re made entirely out of natural products? All of their products (not just the lip balm) are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and phthalates. I can’t even pronounce some of those. Must be bad. Also, Burt’s Bees follows natural production cycles and never harm the bees’ environment while harvesting beeswax. This is especially important with the recent and drastic decline in bee populations.

If you’re curious about other Burt’s Bees products or hate the very idea of chapstick, Burt’s Bees offers a wide variety of other products, including facial cleansers, body wash, shampoo, and even toothpaste. All can be found on their website and most items are available in stores. But definitely pick up the beeswax lip balm. It comes highly recommended by a trustworthy source.

Besides, you’ve got to admire a guy who makes his living by working with bees.

Or who dresses as one for his advertising campaign.

Thanks to the ever-fresh posts of Kate, I found a group blog post to contribute to (read Kate’s FBFF here and others here). This week, the questions are all about beauty products. As a Mary Kay rep. and long-time makeup fan, I know a thing or two about beauty products. 🙂

1. What’s your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite higher-end product? I’ll be honest – I almost never buy drugstore makeup anymore. I used to shop there exclusively because it’s cheaper, but I’ve found some pretty fantastic higher-end makeup – plus if I get it through Mary Kay, I often get it at a discounted price! I do live by Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, though – it’s petrolatum-free. On the higher end of makeup, my favorite product is my Victoria’s Secret mascara. At $12.00 a tube, replaced every 3-6 months, I better damn well like it. I’ve tried other high-end mascaras, but nothing seems to accentuate my lashes as well.

2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can’t live without? Unless I foresee mass amounts of crying during the day, I always wear mascara. I also almost always wear some kind of cover-up, whether that be foundation (standard) or powder foundation (occasional).

3. What’s the best hair product you’ve ever used? I love testing out different shampoos/conditioners. My biggest challenge with hair products is that my hair soaks up every bit of moisture that it can get, so I use up fancy (read: expensive) shampoos/conditioners quickly. Right now, my scalp is quite dry, so I’ve become a huge fan of Giovanni’s Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo. Smells great, too! 

4. Fess up, what’s the worst beauty look you’ve tried to rock and look back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did that? I’ve tried out a few different things that didn’t work out incredibly well, but I would say the worst I’ve done was when I dyed my hair black for a Halloween costume. I have fair, rosy skin and black does NOT go well with my skin tone. See?

I look like Edward Scissorhands. That was not my costume.

Although I used a semi-permanent dye, because I had already dyed my hair in the past, it wouldn’t come out.  I eventually had to go to a salon where the brilliant stylist stripped the black out of sections and dyed those sections dark brown to help me transition back to a better color. That actually looked lovely!

Yay for smart colorists!

5. When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and personality? If I’m getting dressed up to go out, I like to style up my eyes. My eyes are one of my best features, so I like to make those really stand out – hence the importance of mascara. 🙂

What are your must-have beauty products?

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