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*Note: Sorry about the removal and reschedule of this Foodie Friday!

Tiny pies! When I first saw this post about tiny pies on Not Martha, I couldn’t resist adding them to my collection of recipes to try out. My boyfriend and I tried them last week and they were ADORABLE – and tasty! They were also incredibly easy to make.

First – and the best part about this recipe – you don’t have to make pie crust. You use refrigerated pie crust and yes, it really does taste good. We used a traditional muffin tin, but you can buy pans with smaller holes as well. Cut circles in the crust and press them firmly into the ungreased muffin holes. For the filling, just quickly mix together whatever you choose for your fruit filling – you can even use canned filling if you want. We made three strawberry pies, three apple pies, and one triple berry pie because we had enough crust for one final pie. Note: use cornstarch or flour to thicken up your berry pies – otherwise your pies will drip all over when you bite into them! Overall score: A-

Here are some photos of tiny pies!


Tiny pies in the making!

Fresh out of the oven

Oops... 🙂

Yum...strawberry lattice!

These turned out really well!

Little berry one!


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