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Boyfriend was aiming to get a job, but just found out that they’re no longer hiring, so he’s back to square one. I was discussing options with the amazing Kates and she had some helpful advice:

Me: I’m not sure what he’s going to do for work now. He doesn’t love dealing with people.

Kate: He should become an obituary writer. He wont have to deal with people (well he will, but they are dead). And he can write!

Hate people? It’s okay, they’re dead!

Maybe that shouldn’t be his tagline.


I love Need a word? Got it. Wondering what the word of the day is? Tweeted. Today’s word of the day, however, isn’t a word. talks about the benefits of writing in a diary. For example, some studies have shown that writing in a diary before taking a test can actually help students increase their test scores by half a grade. I think this is pretty akin to blogging. When we’re upset, when we’re curious, when we’re just writing aimlessly, blogging is a great way to write in your “online diary.” Of course, just like a diary, we often neglect our blogging and realize months later that we haven’t posted in…well, months. That’s actually why I joined Post A Week 2011. And you know what? I’ve really enjoyed writing blog posts in my “online diary.” 🙂

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